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You are beautiful…

I was following some links today when I was reading about the Corpse Flower (I’m going to see it tonight with the two most fabulous men in my life!) when I came upon a blog post by chookooloonks. A couple of random clicks later, I came across this:

It really spoke to me today, after having a rough and stressful couple of days, so I wanted to post it here, where I sometimes ramble about body image. I added a link on the sidebar too in case you want to poke around her site (I mean that in the nicest most non-stalkery way!).

And you, you are beautiful too!

I'm a chubby thirty-something gal looking for lust and love, sometimes on the internet...

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  • Damn, the clasp on one of my favorite bras broke! Guess I should just be glad I was home when the girls decided to make a run for it! 7 years ago
  • Also, I somehow agreed to have dinner tomorrow with a random guy I went to hs with that friended me on fb, still not sure how that happened! 7 years ago
  • I started the burlesque class! We did feather boas this week, totally fun! next week is fans! 7 years ago
  • It's been a drama filled couple of weeks, and not even my drama, but feeling better... the ex's new gf is PSYCHO, they deserve each other 7 years ago
  • Wow, my ex seems to have the worst luck, usually caused by stupidity. So why does it hurt so much when his new gf gets "accidentally" preg? 7 years ago

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