I’m a chubby thirty-something gal from Texas looking for lust and love. I love retro stuff, coffee, making cupcakes and old country music. I am single again after seven years and though I am a little cynical, I still believe in the kind of love that makes the butterflies in your stomach go crazy. And in the meantime, a roll in the hay ain’t such a bad thing either!

Dating and sex is a little different for the fat gals, and I haven’t seen a place online that really addresses that. Most discussions of weight and dating are either “lose weight to make yourself more attractive to potential dates” type advice or “I don’t want to date a fat chick” comments on dating sites and frankly both of those options suck. There’s lots of amazing fat gals out there finding love and/or having tons of great sex, we just don’t hear about it!

I’m doing the online dating thing, which is um, interesting. I’ve had mixed results, no horror stories but nothing spectacular either. As a result, the sex life has been a little quiet, but I’m hoping to change that too. When it’s not quiet, I’m a fan of a bit of kink, so there will probably be a little content here related to that too. In spite of being an outgoing person, I find it hard to meet potential dates in the real world so I am working on trying new things there too.

So, I’d like this to be a place where we can talk openly about dating and sex as a fat woman and celebrate sexiness in ALL shapes. I’ll chronicle my dating efforts and sexy times, and discuss related articles or blogs. I’d also like to feature some inspiring pics of sexy fat gals and maybe even some advice or sex toy reviews. It’s not going to be x-rated, but I wouldn’t bring the kids (if only because I can cuss like a sailor when I really get riled up). And just so we’re clear, I love a good debate or opposing point of view but trolls and rude or derogatory comments (especially relating to size) will be deleted. My official comment policy: Don’t be a jerk.

(PS – No, that’s not me in the pic, it’s a placeholder until I can find a chubbier sexy pic that will work in a header, so if you know of one or are a photographer that would let me use one, please let me know!)


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I'm a chubby thirty-something gal looking for lust and love, sometimes on the internet...

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  • Damn, the clasp on one of my favorite bras broke! Guess I should just be glad I was home when the girls decided to make a run for it! 7 years ago
  • Also, I somehow agreed to have dinner tomorrow with a random guy I went to hs with that friended me on fb, still not sure how that happened! 7 years ago
  • I started the burlesque class! We did feather boas this week, totally fun! next week is fans! 7 years ago
  • It's been a drama filled couple of weeks, and not even my drama, but feeling better... the ex's new gf is PSYCHO, they deserve each other 7 years ago
  • Wow, my ex seems to have the worst luck, usually caused by stupidity. So why does it hurt so much when his new gf gets "accidentally" preg? 7 years ago

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