Has anyone tried Zoosk? I put up a profile, but I have to say, early indications are not good. I’ve gotten 5 messages on there – 4 were scammers and the other one was 60+. Um, not such a good ratio… Sure, I get the old guys on OKCupid, but it’s much more rare that I get a scammer there and certainly not the 4 out of 5 stats I’m getting with Zoosk.

I guess Emma at YepThatHurt’s experience is much more typical than I realized (and you should totally read her blog for safety info). I know I have had my own experience with liars and sociopaths online but have done pretty well identifying the scammers. I had previously been impressed that Zoosk actually mentioned online scammer safety info; I guess with that rate, you have to!

I’ll give it another week or so, but so far I’m not impressed. I haven’t seen any guy profiles that really twirl my skirt and so far, I find the usability much clunkier than OKC (and even worse than some of the BBW sites, which I have mixed feelings about in general). I’ll give it a fair shot though and see what happens.

ETA: In looking at Zoosk, I just saw where one real winner near me updated his profile to say: “LOOKING 4 SOME WET PUCCI SO I CAN EATING” (capitalization his). Wow. Ladies, watch out for your pucci!


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