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Has anyone tried Zoosk? I put up a profile, but I have to say, early indications are not good. I’ve gotten 5 messages on there – 4 were scammers and the other one was 60+. Um, not such a good ratio… Sure, I get the old guys on OKCupid, but it’s much more rare that I get a scammer there and certainly not the 4 out of 5 stats I’m getting with Zoosk.

I guess Emma at YepThatHurt’s experience is much more typical than I realized (and you should totally read her blog for safety info). I know I have had my own experience with liars and sociopaths online but have done pretty well identifying the scammers. I had previously been impressed that Zoosk actually mentioned online scammer safety info; I guess with that rate, you have to!

I’ll give it another week or so, but so far I’m not impressed. I haven’t seen any guy profiles that really twirl my skirt and so far, I find the usability much clunkier than OKC (and even worse than some of the BBW sites, which I have mixed feelings about in general). I’ll give it a fair shot though and see what happens.

ETA: In looking at Zoosk, I just saw where one real winner near me updated his profile to say: “LOOKING 4 SOME WET PUCCI SO I CAN EATING” (capitalization his). Wow. Ladies, watch out for your pucci!


You are beautiful…

I was following some links today when I was reading about the Corpse Flower (I’m going to see it tonight with the two most fabulous men in my life!) when I came upon a blog post by chookooloonks. A couple of random clicks later, I came across this:

It really spoke to me today, after having a rough and stressful couple of days, so I wanted to post it here, where I sometimes ramble about body image. I added a link on the sidebar too in case you want to poke around her site (I mean that in the nicest most non-stalkery way!).

And you, you are beautiful too!


Big Truck, Unknown Unit

I’m still talking to the guy from OKCupid that I had coffee with the other night. He had a huge truck, which a friend of mine said usually means small unit, but since we’re in Texas you just never know. And since I have not been in a position to judge, I can neither confirm or deny.

He has texted me every day since except for today, and has been really sweet and funny and we do have some stuff in common, except I have an issue: He’s a Good Ole Boy.

Yeah, not exactly my style at all. I like things a little funky and weird, with some personality. I even like a little rough around the edges but this may be a bit much. He’s got the personality, just sometimes it is a little off, like when he used the phrase “it’s been raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock.” I’m not uptight in the least, but a text about cow piss just doesn’t really do it for me.

I’m trying to be open minded. He does like the curvy gals, which is hard to find a lot of the time, and he really seems to be a genuinely nice person, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to talk myself into liking him. I guess we’ll see what happens if he asks me out again. I feel like he would be a great friend to hang out with but I am not sure there’s chemistry there, so I’m just going to have fun and see where it goes.

Let’s just hope the cow piss was an isolated incident…


a glutton for punishment!

So, I actually have a date tomorrow night!

He’s from OKCupid, and seems like a pretty nice guy, if we can ignore the fact that he forgot my name. Or more specifically, he deleted the email that had my first name on it and wanted to make sure he got it right, so he texted me about it. Weirdly enough, this actually made me like him a little more because he was obviously nervous and worried about telling me, thinking I would be really mad. Instead, I made a joke out of it and that got us texting a little more!

I’m not getting my hopes up, but I know we have some stuff in common and he does like curvy gals so there’s not that worry. And well, I do have a thing for burly bald dudes with glasses, so we’ll see how it goes.

Keep your fingers crossed!


a real HOT Girl

Well, I got a literary masterpiece in my OKCupid mail today…

You are a real HOT Girl . Send me a message sometime.

So, I’m supposed to do all the work, even right off? Seriously, the guy was not at all my type or anyone I have a thing in common with, but even if he was that is not the way to get me to talk to you. This says to me, “I am too lazy to think of anything to say or even try, so I’ll just say you’re hot and let you do all the work.” You’d think he could at least make some effort if he really wanted to talk to a Girl!

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part – the most private thing he is willing to admit? That he “likes booty, no seriously likes booty,” he’s just like that.

Um, no.


Gotta start somewhere…

So, hopefully you’ve read the “about me” section and you’re familiar with what’s going on here, but in case you haven’t, I’ll wait….

Okay, so I’ve been doing the online dating thing with mixed results. I say plainly in my profile that I am curvy (and the whole “curvy” discussion is one I plan to have here very soon) so I think that weeds out a lot of guys right off the bat. And I also have opinions and real interests and say I am a feminist, so there just might not be any hope! ha! But overall, I think it is a pretty engaging profile, if I do say so myself.

Right now, the only profile I have active is from OKCupid and it’s worked out the best overall – I’ve been on many dates, had one short relationship that ended in my heart getting a little stomped on, and found much entertainment value looking back at some of the weirdness. That might not be saying much, but I am still hopeful.

I tried paying for for a little while, but everyone there was too boring and straight laced and I got very little response. The one guy who wrote me specified in his profile that he was looking for someone skinny. I told him I was definitely not what he was looking for, but he said he was open because we had stuff in common. I met him for coffee, had lovely conversation, and promptly never heard from him again. Let’s just say I didn’t renew after the one month I paid for…

I even had a profile up at a couple of the bbw sites, those lasted about three days I think. There were so few guys on there with anything written in their profiles, and I got all sorts of crazy messages from people who had absolutely nothing in common with me and were rarely even in my area. Sure, the Saudi Arabian senior citizen who likes sports might very well be a nice guy, but I’m not into sports and I sunburn way too easily for the desert even if he wasn’t old enough to be my dad. The majority of them said intriguing things like “o baby u r hot” or “wanta hook up?” So yeah, those profiles were taken down quickly.

So, what online dating sites have worked for you? Any fat gals out there having some luck? What are your secrets?

I'm a chubby thirty-something gal looking for lust and love, sometimes on the internet...

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